Surface Preparation

Flooring and Glue Removal, Grinding, Shotblasting

National 5700 Ride-On Scraper

Ride On Floor ScraperFlooring Removal

We remove hardwood floor, ceramic tile flooring, vinyl composition tiling (vct), vinyl tiles, carpet floors, laminate and linoleum floors.

National 5700 Ride-on Scraper is narrow enough to fit through residential doorways, and has enough torque to make quick work of commercial flooring removal.

NewGrind Rhino RL500

Concrete Grinding,Glue Removal

Surface preparation, glue & contaminant removal are completed through careful processes of diamond grinding, scraping, and shot-blasting. This process is often completed prior to polishing or coating concrete slabs. we are able to efficiently remove all types of material back down to the original concrete.

Existing glue ridges must be scraped off to meet the requirements of the new flooring manufacturer for carpet warranties.

Along with a diverse fleet of surface preparation equipment, we utilize Rhino RL500 that was specifically designed to be compact while having the power and performance ability to keep up with bigger machines on the market today.

  • Aggressive coating removal
  • Rapid levelling
  • Efficient profiling and polishing work
Bartell Global’s SPE shotblaster

Surface Preparation CSP3 or Higher withShot Blasting

Shot blasting is a technological process of removing various impurities from concrete or metal surfaces by using abrasive. It is used for a surface preparation of surfaces prior to applying finishes or to clean them.

HEPA Vacuums

Dust Free Grinding and Clean up withHEPA Vacuums

It is essential to have the right dust collectors and extractors when grinding concrete or doing surface preparation. We use HEPA equipped vacuums.

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